GDPR Compliance.

Protecting customer data, from collection to storage, can define the future of your company.

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GDPR is not just online.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is legislation aimed at ensuring the privacy and security of citizens’ personal data obtained by companies through any means, whether physical or digital. It establishes rules on how companies should collect, store, use, and share this data, as well as conferring rights on individuals regarding their information. CLM Controller tracks the entire process, from data acquisition to treatment, to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Avoid disasters.

Non-compliance with the GDPR or a data breach can result in serious consequences for companies. This includes significant fines, damage to reputation, loss of customer trust, lawsuits, and negative financial impacts. Moreover, organizations may experience legal and regulatory restrictions, resulting in lost business opportunities and competitive disadvantages in the market. It is essential to comply with the GDPR and adopt effective data protection measures to avoid such risks.

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