Meet CLM Controller

More than an accounting firm

CLM Controller encompasses a wide range of professional services, performed by over 100 experienced and highly qualified professionals, for more than 500 clients of all sizes and sectors, in Brazil and abroad.

Areas of Expertise:

OUTSOURCING: Accounting, Tax, Financial Management, and Payroll, with guaranteed efficiency and accuracy.

CONSULTING: CFO as a Service (CFOaaS), Tax Planning, Labor Consulting, and Tax Strategy, in a manner that is strategically oriented towards realistic financial and tax objectives.

COMPLIANCE: To ensure compliance, security, and transparency of financial and accounting processes, we offer Specialized Auditing. Furthermore, we assist our clients in complying with the guidelines of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and provide comprehensive Paralegal support.

Excellence in Accounting Management

High-Level Professionals

For over 40 years, we have believed that the quality of professionals is the foundation for significant results. This conviction has produced benefits that drive our clients’ success, providing a more secure, organized, and profitable management. At CLM Controller, you can count on a high-level account manager to centralize your demands in a channel of quick and strategic solutions.


Full Integration

Objective results, reflected in numbers

With a strategic and focused approach, we work tirelessly to optimize accounting, tax, and financial processes, aiming for maximum efficiency and the best return on investment. Through precise analysis, detailed reports, and a comprehensive view of the numbers, we assist our clients in making informed decisions and achieving solid and measurable results.

Professional Liability Insurance

CLM Controller has a stringent quality system to ensure that its processes are faster, organized, secure, and predictable. Additionally, it provides its clients with a distinctive professional liability insurance to offer even more peace of mind to customers.

Your assessment is our compass

Our clients provide valuable insights and are a fundamental part of our growth.

CLM Controller has earned our trust through dedication and technical competence. Their commitment to deadlines, professionalism, and the friendliness of their staff are sources of pride in our partnership.

Bruno Silva / Grupo Dória

What impressed me the most was the clarity with which the team communicates and how easily they understood what I was looking for. Their response time is excellent, often answering my questions late at night or on weekends. I consider it a privilege to live and work in Brazil. With that in mind, I was eager to pay all the taxes required of me and comply with the law here. I found that CLM understood this perfectly, and it is very reassuring to know that I can rely on them to achieve this goal while keeping my best interests in mind.

Sean D'Arcy / IT Company

My company, as well as myself as an individual, have been clients of CLM for about 10 years. Without exception, throughout all these years, we have received outstanding quality services from both the management and the team. The attention, kindness, reliability, and competence are CLM’s best calling card. I appreciate the quality of service, something not always easy to find these days.

Claudio Manassero / CEO, TecTrain