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Abertura de CNPJ com a CLM Controller: Descomplicando o Processo Passo a Passo

Iniciar um novo negócio pode ser desafiador e a primeira grande etapa é, sem dúvida, [...]

When has an Expatriate the Right to Get Brazilian Citizenship?

Anyone born within the national territory, even from foreign parents, as well as children of [...]

Back to School: How to be a University Student in Brazil

Brazil is a country of opportunities, progressively attracting more students to its universities each year. [...]

How to Open a Company as a Foreigner in Brazil? Find out How it Works

In a world ever more connected, with a high amount of people and business mobility, [...]

Visas and Costs of Living in Brazil: How Much Money do I Need?

The worries with visas and costs of living in Brazil are always amongst the main [...]

How to Calculate the Presumptive Profit Method?

Do you already know how to calculate the Presumptive Profit Method? It doesn’t matter what [...]

Invoice in the City of São Paulo – Learn How it Works

Issuing an invoice is critical for any service provider who wants to keep a business [...]

GDPR in Brazil. What do I Need to Know?

The so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Brazil  (LGPD in Portuguese) has been in [...]

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Accounting in Brazil: The First Steps for Your Business

Not knowing who is really hiring is a very big risk. This happens a lot [...]

Brazilian CPOM: What Your Business Needs to Know

Whenever a company is hired to provide services for another company, it is essential to [...]

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